The running leap from idea to reality.

Brand stories.  Cinematic shots.  Faces and places.  Turn your narrative and vision into images that inspire, impel and capture your audiences.

We are an imaginative duo hell-bent on getting ideas and messages across through the power of visual story telling. 


We have worked with Universal Music France, Celine Dion-Angelil Productions, TourMotion Productions, Wolfgang Entertainment, Le Capitol du Quebec and Digitune Creative Agency.  A few years back, we created the Inhabitants Project for the United Nations' official coral reef monitoring program, ReefCheck Foundation.  We got the support of actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Daryl HannahPenelope Anne-MillerJames Whitmore Sr, Hollywood TV/film producer Gale Anne Hurd, 2 time Grammy winner Carol Connors, Oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earl, Celine Dion Angelil Productions and AEG Live - we got to use Elton John's stage risers and Jerry Seinfeld's marley floor - we think that is pretty neat!  These events were a blend of live performances, music and video projections held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Pasadena and Malibu, California, which successfully helped create awareness for the plight of coral reefs worldwide, and raise funds for ReefCheck through art.